Facult� de m�decine et des sciences de la sant�


G-protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) are involved in the physiological function and in some diseases of the nervous, cardiovascular, respiratory, inflammatory, and immunity systems. The projects of my laboratory consist in studying the regulation of the prostaglandin receptors, belonging to the GPCR family, which participate in bone remodelling. The intracellular transport of the GPCRs, including their endocytosis, their recycling, or their transport towards the plasma membrane after their synthesis, is important in the regulation of their activity. Our goal is to understand how the transport of these GPCRs is regulated. To do so, we try to identify the proteins that interact with the intracellular domains of these receptors using the yeast two-hybrid system and proteomics analysis on cellular extracts of osteoblasts. The techniques used in our laboratory include, in part, the standard methods of molecular biology, PCR, site-directed mutagenesis, culture and transfection of eukaryotic cells, SDS-PAGE and Western blots, radioligand binding studies, purification of proteins, immunoprecipitations, ELISA, intracellular signalling analysis and confocal microscopy.